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This site currently features a total of 36 maps.

The newest map posted on this website is:

Eldar Maidenworld




In the year 40,000, there is only war.  Mankind battles for domination of a galaxy that is inhabited by many hostile alien races.  This fan-site provides free expansion maps and mods for "Dawn of War: Soulstorm," an older PC game that is based upon "Warhammer 40K," the table-top military strategy game produced by Games Workshop.  This is not a business site.  All maps on this site are free, created by Niels Dutka. No registration is required.  Each map allows you to play an add-on mission in the game and may be used in playing with other game fans on a network, or as a skirmish mission against the computer AI.  You can view the maps using the links provided at the left-hand side of this page.  Please keep in mind that (depending upon your browser) you may have to reload or refresh the page whenever you visit this website before you will be able to view the latest updates.

You may use my maps in your own mods, providing that you do NOT publish them over the Internet or any other media (i.e., the mod is only for your own personal use, not to be shared publicly).  Permission is granted to include my unmodified maps in a map pack that you may share publicly,  provided that you give me credit for the map design.





Help Wanted: I have completed another enormous map, but I do not want to publish it until it can be programmed to allow movement between the Necron tunnel entrances.  I am not a programmer and cannot enable this feature myself.  If you know how to use CHAR and can program a map to enable this feature, please contact me by email.  I will then send you the map files and instructions on what I need.  I cannot pay you to do this, but I will gladly add your name to the map and give you credit for your contribution.  My email address is

I would very much like to encourage you to send your comments to me regarding the maps.  I know that the maps are being downloaded, but I very rarely receive any comments as to the appearance or playability of the maps.  I hope you are enjoying them.  For the Emperor!







I began creating maps for computer games with "StarCraft" (the first edition).  From 2011 through 2013, I created a total of 51 maps for "Emperor, Rise of the Middle Kingdom", and published those maps at the "Emperor Heaven" website.  The Emperor maps were packaged into 6 major campaigns.

In December of 2014, I began creating maps for "Dawn of War: Soulstorm."  Initially, my maps were published at the "Dawn of War Files" website.  In early 2015, the website was removed from the Internet.  Still wishing to pursue the creation of maps for Soulstorm, I decided to start my own website in September of 2015.  This site was started with about 6 maps, and I have added a new map every few weeks.  I understand that, with the release of "Dawn of War III", some players may abandon Soulstorm; however, I know that there are many players that will continue to enjoy Soulstorm, and I will continue to provide these maps at least until September 1, 2020.





I have been asked how I obtain the ideas for my maps.  There are actually several sources.  Some of the maps are inspired by photographs that I have seen.  Others have been inspired by looking at maps that other players have created, and realizing that I could better build upon the basic idea that they used.  Most of my maps, however, were inspired by real-life experiences.  I have driven through deserts.  I have canoed through a swamp.  I lived for about a year in the jungles of the Amazon River valley in Brazil.  I lived within the arctic circle for a year, and gazed across the great glacial expanse.  I have scaled mountains.  I have stood on the rim of a live volcano.  I have personally seen almost every type of terrain on our planet.  Many of my maps are an attempt to recreate areas that I have witnessed (within the limitations of the poor selection of items provided by the game terrain generator).

I find that it is actually easier to construct an urban map than a natural terrain.  Natural landscapes are very difficult to create in a manner that looks realistic.  While I enjoy the sight of a devastated war-torn city, I actually prefer to create most of my urban maps with undamaged buildings.  My basic philosophy is that strategic points within a city should be the buildings themselves, not the roads; roads are intended for movement, not to be used as construction sites.  It naturally follows that most relics on an urban map should be placed within cathedrals, shrines, or museums.  Critical locations should be locations that are strategically critical or that are actually critical to the operation of a factory, spaceport, etc.

The final part of my map philosophy is that all of my maps are intended to function with the basic Soulstorm expansion game.  In other words, they must be playable without using any mods.  At the same time, I try to make the maps compatible with most mods that have been published on the Internet.  My understanding is that they are generally not compatible with the "Ultimate Apocalypse" mod (which I do not play); this is because the mod alters many of the basic settings within the Dawn of War game.  The maps are compatible with "Apocalypse module version 1.19", which is my personal favorite; I highly recommend this mod.  In summary, I develop my maps with the idea of them being usable by the widest variety of players, not limited to any particular mod.





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