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Voltaire is a coastal city on the planet of Vesper, the Imperial stronghold of the Vega Ultima star system.  While some of the buildings within the city have incurred battle damage, most are in pristine condition.  Le Golfe de Tranquillite’ (the Gulf of Tranquility) borders the East edge of the city, and empties out into the great ocean.  The gulf is shielded from most of the oceanic storms by a range of mountains, thus making this body of water a tranquil harbor.  Great seafaring ships are able to dock at the piers on the East edge of Voltaire, where cargoes can be loaded for transfer to other coastal cities on the planet.  The piers are considered critical for the purpose of shipping supplies around the planet.  Great cranes are placed along the coastline, and some of these are mounted on rails to facilitate the placement of shipping containers.  Just West of the harbor, La Prosperite Plate-forme (Prosperity Platform) looms above the surrounding terrain.  The platform is the base for an astro-port, and it is critical for shipping materials off-world.  Nestled between the astro-port and the sea-port, a series of warehouses provide temporary storage space for materials that are in transit.

The Rebel Guard has been hired to provide security for this area of the city.  Unlike most units of the Imperial Guard, the Rebel Guard is not assigned to a specific planet or region of space.  The Rebel Guard consists of mercenaries, who hire out their services to the highest bidder (excluding, of course, alien factions).  The presence of the Rebel Guard has often shifted the balance of power from one Imperial family to another.  Consequently, they have often been accused of rebellion against the Imperium, and some have even gone so far as to accuse them of being heretics.  None of the accusations made against them have ever been proven true.  In fact, the planetary governors who have employed them have always found them to be loyal, tough troops that never reneged on a contract.  While the Rebel Guard is effective in fighting in virtually any terrain, they are especially adept in urban warfare.

If you intend to play this map as scripted, you will need to use “fixed” starting positions.  Player 1 should be an Imperial Guard army.  Player 2 can be any type of army desired.

This map is designed for two players.  It is suitable for play against a live opponent or for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired.  Although scripted to include an Imperial Guard army, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large in size, measuring 512 x 512.  The map contains a total of 2 relics, 3 critical locations, 8 slag deposits, and 16 strategic points.

Download "Voltaire Shipyards"  version 2.0 (File size: 1.99MB) posted July 17, 2016


Rebel Guard







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