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Voltaire is a coastal city on the planet of Vesper, the Imperial stronghold of the Vega Ultima star system.  While some of the buildings within the city have incurred battle damage, most are in pristine condition.  The Voltaire pump stations are critical to the operation of the factories within Voltaire’s industrial sector.  Portions of the factory rooftops can provide light cover for infantry, but these areas are only accessible to troops that possess jump packs or teleporters.  Two famous cathedrals are located within the industrial sector.  Resting to the North, the Chapelle de Psychiques (Cathedral of Psykers) acts as a telekinetic node, designed to siphon psychic energy from psykers as an offering to the Emperor of mankind.  Resting in the South, the Chapelle de Sang (Cathedral of Blood) is a memorial to the Emperor’s faithful, its floors permanently stained with the blood of martyrs shed some 700 years ago in the Campagne de Sainte Feu (the War of Holy Fire).  Both cathedrals have been entrusted to the administration of the Devoted Heart convent of the Imperial Sisters of Battle.  The sisterhood is determined to defend, at all costs, the cathedrals and the surrounding industrial sector.  Our initial deployment zone will be in one of the parking lots on the corner of your map.

If you intend to play this map as scripted, you will need to use “fixed” starting positions.  Player 1 should be the Sisters of Battle.  Player 2 can be any type of army desired.

This map is designed for two players.  It is suitable for play against a live opponent or for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired.  Although scripted to include at least one army of the Sisters of Battle, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size.  The map contains a total of 2 relics, 3 critical locations, 4 slag deposits, and 22 strategic points.

Download "Voltaire Pump Stations"  version 1.5 (File size: 2.3MB) posted July 17, 2016


Devoted Heart convent

of the Imperial

Sisters of Battle






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"I had a 1 vs. 1 with my friend online on this map, we played Control as the objective and we had a blast!  The map itself is well designed, huge like we like it, aesthetically professional, it's in line with the developers maps.  The 3 critical locations were placed great, we fought over them in hectic battles.  Overall the match was very fun, I can't wait to play more maps you make!

Suggestions for future maps: I have a big group of friends that play Soulstorm regularly online.  We'd love more 8 player massive maps (1025 size) or just more maps in general would be great!  Looking forward to playing more of your maps, thanks very much for doing this!  if you are accepting donations, I'd love to donate something to support you and your amazing work."

-submitted by Blazeymix3 from the United States


"I do have plans to make many more maps, and the plans do include some enormous (1025 x 1025) sized maps, but I will probably not make the enormous maps until much later.  Thank you for your comments and for your patronage."

- the Preacher