by Niels Dutka, the Preacher







Most of my maps are scripted, which means that they have a background story or a map setting that encourages or inclines the player towards the use of certain armies.  Although a map is scripted, it can still be played with any type of army desired.  Some of my maps are special scenarios, which means that the map is not only scripted and biased towards the use of particular armies, but it is literally designed to be used by specific armies, and will not be played as intended unless those particular armies are employed.  I do not know how to use "Scar" or any other tool to program the scenario and force players to use the intended armies.  Consequently, I have tried to encourage the use of an intended army by including special bonus units in the map itself, and the bonus units correspond to the type armies that should be employed.

As an example, the 6-player map entitled "Battle at Snake River" is a scripted map.  Although certain areas of the map are designed to encourage the use of particular armies, there is absolutely no need to adhere to the use of those armies, or to restrict yourself to the use of those armies.  In contrast, the 4-player map entitled "Enter the Inquisitor" is a special scenario; it is intended to be played as a battle between Eldar and Imperial forces.  Players 1 and 2 will each receive an Imperial unit with which to start the game; players 3 and 4 will each receive an Eldar unit or Eldar ally with which to start the game.  Consequently, the game is not played as intended unless the players use fixed starting positions and use the intended corresponding armies.  Below, you will find a list of those maps that are considered to be special scenarios.





Assassin's Duel

Clash of Champions

Refugee Camp

Rescue Mission


Enter the Inquisitor

Enter the Librarian


Relief of Bastogne

You can observe by the limited list that my goal is not to program or provide a great many special scenarios for the game.  I prefer to provide flexible maps that can be used with any type of army and virtually any type of player preference.  An occasional special scenario, however, can provide a special challenge beyond those of the basic game objectives (such as in the "Rescue Mission").  Additionally, a special scenario can add depth to the story-telling plot behind the mission, and add a greater level of fun and enjoyment to the game.