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The Imperial planet of Kidron is located within the heart of the Shalim star system. Great mineral wealth lies within the Mattaniah Mountain range of the Southern continent.  This great wealth has attracted the attention of many alien races.  Evidence exists throughout the Mattaniah Mountains that the region has been occupied at various times by Ork, Tau, Eldar, Necron, and Chaos forces.  While a few pockets of vegetation can be found in the Valley of Achor, which is set at the bed of the Mattaniah Mountains, most of the region is a lifeless wilderness, polluted with poisonous soil.

A Thunderhawk Gunship, transporting Colonel Carus Brom, has crashed behind enemy lines within the Mattaniah Mountain range.  A transmission from Colonel Brom indicates that he is the sole survivor of the crash.  The colonel possesses information that is vital to the Imperial war effort on Kidron.  He must be rescued before the enemy finds and kills him.

If you intend to play this map as scripted, you will need to use “fixed” starting positions.  Player 1 should be an Imperial army (Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, or Imperial Guard).  Player 1 will always start the mission with Colonel Brom as a bonus unit.  Player 2 can be any type army desired, and will always start the game with several heavy bolter gun emplacements.  While the death of Colonel Brom will not incur a defeat in the mission, saving him may prove to be a challenge, depending upon the selection of victory conditions that you employ.

Tactical note: you cannot simply move Colonel Brom down the mountain because he will be unable to survive the attacks from the heavy bolter gun emplacements.  You must send a rescue party to destroy the guns before he can be moved to a safer position.  If you are using the "Take and Hold" victory objective, it will become even more difficult for Colonel Brom to survive because enemy forces will be advancing upon the critical location where he is situated.  This mission is designed to be a challenge, not only to defeat the enemy, but to preserve the life of Colonel Brom.

In version 2 of this map, I have slightly reduced the number of gun emplacements to improve the Colonel's chance of survival.  This map will not work with the "Ultimate Apocalypse" module because the mod changes the basic settings of the game in such a way as to make the Colonel's survival impossible.

This map is designed for two players.  It is suitable for play against a live opponent or for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired.  Although scripted to include at least one Imperial army, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size.  The map contains a total of 1 relic, 1 critical location, 2 slag deposits, and 11 strategic points.

Download "Rescue Mission"  version 2 (File size: 1.99MB) posted February 27, 2017


Eldar Guardian of the

Il'Tan Craftworld






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