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Imperial forces have been engaged in a long grueling campaign against the Orks on the planet of Wallonia. The Imperial advance has been slow and difficult.  In a surprise winter counter-offensive, the Orks managed to push back the Imperial lines in the Ardennes Forest.  In the process, the Imperial garrison at Bastogne has been isolated and surrounded by Orks.  The Imperium is now desperate to break the Ork forces and bring relief to the Bastogne garrison.  Bastogne is located on the opposite corner of the map from the player 1 deployment zone.  A small Imperial Guard garrison is encamped on the outskirts of the city near a dilapidated cathedral.

This map is designed for 5 players, using team-play and fixed starting positions.  Team 1 should consist of players 1 and 2, and it should consist of Imperial forces (any combination desired of Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, and/or Imperial Guard).  Team 2 should consist of players 3, 4, and 5, who should all be Ork players.  Team 2 has an obvious advantage in the mission, having 3 Ork clans arrayed against only 2 Imperial armies.  Additionally, Bastogne is located behind Ork lines at the opposite corner of the map from the Imperial deployment zones.  Consequently, player 1 is provided with a small advantage with which to start the mission; he will begin with control of an Imperial Guard infantry command building and a single squad of Imperial Guardsmen that will be encamped on the outskirts of Bastogne.

Tactical note:  due to the density of the woods, ground vehicles are restricted in movement to clearings and the icy pathways amid the forest.  Infantry units can move into and through the forest, where they can take advantage of the light cover.

Although designed for team-play, the map is suitable for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  Although scripted as a conflict between Ork and Imperial forces, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer (keeping in mind that player 1 will always have a squad of Imperial Guardsmen at his disposal as an ally).  The map is enormous, 1024 x 1024 in size.  Consequently, it may be slow to load the mission.  If the game runs in a sluggish manner, you may need to upgrade the RAM in your computer and/or your video card.  The map contains no critical locations, so it cannot be played with the “take and hold” victory objective; however, any combination of other victory objectives desired can be employed.  The map contains a total of 5 relics, 5 slag deposits, and 31 strategic points.


*          *            *            *            *            *            *


      Nitbit nervously gazed through the trees.  Like most Gretchin, he was hyper-vigilant amid strange surroundings, but he tended to relax when near to Rotgut, his big Ork companion.

      “Where’s we goin’?” Nitbit queried.

      “Da Boss wants us to take back dis here forest from da humies,” Rotgut answered.

      “Have you ever seen da forest?” Nitbit asked.

      “Nope,” Rotgut replied.  “Can’t see da forest.  Der is always too many trees blockin’ my view.”

      “Soooo, then” Nitbit reasoned, “how is we gonna know when we got da forest?”

      “Little buddie,” Rotgut spoke with assurance, “da Boss will let us know when wez got da forest.  Jus keep lookin’ up to me fer directions.”

      Nitbit cranked his neck back as far as he could on his slender body.  “I always looks up to youz, Rotgut.  Youz is good at zoggin’ da humies.”

      “Yep, and I is gonna zog a buncha da humies here soon,” Rotgut boasted.  “Now, go fetch my blasta.”

      Nitbit ran a short distance to where the Ork had left his weapons.  For a brief moment, he thought he detected the faint scent of a humie in the wind.  Suddenly, a thunderous noise bellowed behind him, accompanied by a bright flash of light and a cloud of smoke.  Nitbit turned around to see what had happened, but all he could observe through the fumes was a crater.  In the middle of the crater, a pair of empty boots remained where Rotgut had stood a moment earlier.

      “Zot!” Nitbit exclaimed when he stared down into the empty shoes.  “I guess now youz will be lookin’ up to me!”


*          *            *            *            *            *            *  


Download "Relief of Bastogne"  version 1.0 (File size: 5.73MB) posted January 22, 2017












Snow Diggas clan

of the Orks








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"To be honest, i tried out two maps only, the first was (a house divided) and it was great, huge for (2) players but great.  My second map was (Relief of Bastogne) huge, snow terrain (my favorite), tree cover for infantry, but i was a little tiny bit disappointed to see that i have small area to build and wait my units to go a long linear path to reach a certain destination in the map.

I do not mean to be rude, but these are my remarks about these two awesome maps, and i am definitely going to try the rest.

Thank you for your efforts, and i am looking forward to download more of your maps."

-submitted by Frans Waleed from Iraq on June 22, 2017.


Reply by the Preacher:

"Actually, when I designed this map, I insured that player positions 1 and 2 were each large enough to support a full array of buildings for any Imperial base.  Positions 3, 4, and 5 are each large enough to support a full array of buildings for an Ork base.  Placing all the buildings, however, requires a very tight formation of the structures, and you have to know just how to place them in order to fit them all into the allotted area.  Additionally, I made sure that sufficient space was available next to each strategic point so that you can place at least one building without obstructing vehicle movement.  Remote bases can also be placed in the shallow lakes near the middle of the map."