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Metropolis is one vast industrial city that covers the entire land surface of the planet.  Raw materials constantly stream to the planet through its spaceports, and finished products are either consumed or exported to other worlds.  The population of the planet is so vast that an accurate census has never proven to be possible.  The planetís land surface is basically one enormous slab of concrete and plas-steel.  A layer of soil was imported and distributed across the surface to support the flora, which in turn helps maintain the planetís atmosphere as well as to provide aesthetic value.  What appears on the surface of the planet, however, is like the tip of an iceberg.  The city itself extends deep below the surface (at some places extending miles below the planetís crust).  Tremendous atmospheric processing plants help purify and pump air throughout the extensive subterranean complex.  Many of the citizens have never been on the surface of the planet, which is inhabited primarily by military personnel, traders, and the elite class.  The deeper beneath the surface that you travel, the lower the class of citizens you find.  The lowest levels are inhabited primarily by the homeless, scavies, and mutants.  Authorities attempt to reduce the problem of homelessness by periodically inducting as many of the homeless as possible into the military; however, many of these citizens do not prove to be able-bodied.  For many of the people in Metropolis, life is a hopeless existence; for most, it is at best a drudgery.

The area of the city depicted by the map is one that consists of several plazas.  Each plaza is comprised of seven buildings that surround a lift or elevator platform.  The platform is designed to transport vehicles down into the subterranean parking garages that extend for the first few thousand feet below the surface of the planet.  A traditional lift contains a single compartment that ascends and descends through a shaft.  Unlike the traditional lift, each shaft within the Metropolis contains several platforms that can be retracted into the walls of the shaft at any point.  Controlled and coordinated by an automated system, multiple platforms will raise or lower vehicles through the shaft simultaneously, thus vastly increasing the speed and efficiency of operation.  The second screenshot provided on this page depicts a vehicle on a platform that has just been lifted out of the shaft to the surface.  Because it would interfere with the functionality of the lifts, constructing a building atop a platform will not be possible.

Metropolis has often been subject to alien invasions, and has even experienced some fighting between various Imperial factions.  Consequently, some of the buildings on the surface of the planet have been damaged; however, most are still in excellent condition.  Many of the older buildings show signs of deterioration, and some even have mold or mildew growing along the interior walls.

This map is designed for up to 8 players.  It is suitable for team-play or for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  Although scripted to include at least one Imperial force, the map is suitable for any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is enormous, 1024 x 1024 in size, so it may take a long time to load.  If the mission runs in a sluggish manner, you may need to upgrade your system RAM and/or your video card.  The map is designed to use any combination of victory objectives desired.  The map contains a total of 5 critical locations, 8 relics, 16 slag deposits, and 140 strategic points.

Download "Metropolis"  version 1.0 (File size: 5.35MB) posted May 5, 2017


Dark Knights chapter

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Space Marines






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Hey!  My username is Dodomhaunter on Steam.  I'm a huge Dawn of War fan, especially of the first game, though I also have all the expansions for II and the newest one, III.  I live in Sanford, Florida, in the U.S.

Definitely liking the maps so far.  I'm always on the look for the bigger maps (1025), and so the first one I decided to play was Metropolis.  I really like it!  The only thing that's bad in Dawn of War is that when you use aircraft, they can get stuck...and I didn't use any when I played that map, just in case.  It's also possible on that map to have vehicles be too big to get in or out of a building...but I didn't produce any there.  Luckily, the Imperial Guard that I fought near the end (I put it on a FFA, and random...I was Dark Eldar.) didn't realize that, because it was the computer!  lol  But I think it's a great map because it's can just drive a Baneblade down a city street!  Well done, and the site is well done.  I am looking forward to playing more of the maps, as I did download them all.  I also snagged the Apocalypse mod, because you wrote about it and made me want to try it.  Glad I chose your site when I Googled for more maps.  I have TONS from the old days, and wanted more...this will keep me entertained for a long time!  Thanks for putting the work in to do it all!

submitted by Dodomhaunter from the United States on November 22, 2017