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When most people think of Meribah Ultima, they think of the planetís vast government complex, or of its famous academic institutions, or of the beautiful cathedrals built by the Golden Cheribs convent of the Imperial Sisters of Battle.  In actuality, the true heart of Meribah Ultima is the industrial plaza located within the Imperial city of Maon.  The industrial plaza contains 5 munition factories, which are critical to Imperial military operations within the star sector.  A thermal energy field is incorporated into the roof of each of these buildings to prevent the accumulation of snow or ice atop the structure.  The Imperium is resolved to maintain the munitions factories at all costs; their enemies are determined to destroy them.  Recently, the underground tunnels that connect the factories were excavated for repairs, leaving the facilities more vulnerable to capture than usual.

This map has an admitted flaw that I have noticed during play-testing.  Some long black streaks occasionally appear on the screen.  While I find this to be visually irritating, it does not affect the overall appearance of the map or the play of the game.  I have attempted to remedy the flaw, but have been unable to determine the cause or eradicate it.

This map is designed for up to 4 players.  It is suitable for team-play or for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired.  Although scripted to include at least one Sisters of Battle army, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size.  The map contains a total of 4 relics, 5 critical locations, 10 slag deposits, and 28 strategic points.

Download "Industrial Plaza"  version 1.1 (File size: 2.33MB) posted October 20, 2016

Note: version 1.0 is missing the ReadMe file.  Version 1.1 includes the ReadMe file in the download.  No other changes were made to the new version.


Golden Cheribs

convent of the

Sisters of Battle






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