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Nobody is certain how the Catachan thorn bush got transported to Huntly’s Planet.  Speculation is that a seedling got stuck to the bottom of some warrior’s boot.  Once the thorn bush was introduced into the ecosystem, it spread at an alarming rate.  It now dominates the botanical ecosphere in the jungles of Huntly’s Planet.  The Catachan thorn bush thrives in the underbrush.  Whenever an animal or man gets too close, the vines of the bush literally reach out, grab him, and shred him to pieces in seconds.  The thorns are sufficiently stout to cut through heavy armor, and it is believed that the plant drinks up the blood of its victims and devours their flesh.  Consequently, we are ordered to remain on the jungle paths and avoid the underbrush.  So, why do we go to Huntly’s Planet?  Orks have set up operations in the jungle, and the planetary governor wants them exterminated before they overrun the planet.

This map is designed for two players.  It is suitable for play against a live opponent or for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired.  Although scripted as a battle between Imperial and Ork forces, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is medium in size, measuring 256 x 256.  The map contains a total of 10 strategic points, 2 relics, 2 slag deposits, and 1 critical location.

Download "Filibuster"  version 1.5 (File size: 1.16MB) posted July 17, 2016



Bad Axes clan

of the Orks






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