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This map is the same one as in “Enter the Inquisitor,” but presented from an Eldar perspective.

Imperial agents recently stole four vaults from an Eldar outpost.  Each vault contains over 100 spirit stones.  Each stone is imbued with the essence of a fallen Eldar warrior, and has the psychic energy needed to activate a Wraithlord.  Eldar scouts traced the position of the vaults to Crag City, an Imperial city that is built in tiers upon Mount Allegiant.  When Farseer Elspice demanded the return of the artifacts, Librarian Lars Isador agreed to meet with her to negotiate the terms for peaceably surrendering the relics.  While Isador and Elspice were in conference, Inquisitor Ivan Toth arrived in Crag City.  The inquisitor executed the entire Imperial Guard garrison that was stationed there, and he had their bodies hung from trees and flagpoles throughout the city.  Toth declared Isador to be an “evil librarian,” a heretic, and a traitor.  When news of this event reached the conference, Isador recognized that he could only find safety in an alliance with the Eldar.  Farseer Elspice realized that Toth was an unjust tyrant, that the inquisitor must be deposed and replaced by Isador, and that the relics would have to be seized by force.   Now Librarian Isador will enter Crag City with Farseer Elspice and a force of Eldar in his accompaniment.

This map is principally designed for team-play.  Players 1 and 2 (Eldar players deployed on the beach) are pitted against players 3 and 4 (Imperial players deployed near the top of the mountain).   If you intend to play this map as scripted, you will need to use “fixed” starting positions.  Player 1 should be an Eldar army, and will start the game with the “evil librarian” Isador.  Player 2 should be an Eldar army, and will start the game with an Eldar Farseer.  Player 3 should be either a Space Marine or Sisters of Battle army, and will start the game with Inquisitor Toth.  Player 4 should be an Imperial Guard army, and will start the game with Colonel Carus Brom.

This map is designed for up to 4 players.  Although created for team-play, the map can also be used in a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size.  The map contains no critical locations, so it cannot be played with the “take and hold” victory objective; however, any combination of other victory objectives desired can be employed.  The map contains a total of 4 slag deposits, 4 relics, and 28 strategic points.

Download "Enter the Librarian"  version 1 (File size: 2.6MB) posted July 18, 2016



Librarian Lars Isador


Eldar Farseer of the

Il'Hann Craftworld







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