by Niels Dutka, the Preacher










Believed to have been destroyed in eons past, the Eldar Il-Chi Craftworld was long forgotten by historians.  Now re-emerging from the warp, the Il-Chi are again exerting their influence on Eldar culture, renewing their zealous ideology for the Way.  Amid the frigid environment of a planet (known by the Imperium as “Jeconiah Ultima”) they have determined to forge a new maidenworld.  While the surface of the planet is covered with snow, ice, and crystalline materials, the core of the planet is comprised of pure wraithbone.  The planet itself emanates with Eldar psychic energy.  The buildings of the Il-Chi rise in their traditional gleaming white and brilliant blue colors.  Other Eldar factions may vie for control of the planet, and alien races will indubiously strive to extinguish the Eldar attempt at re-colonization.  This will prove to be either the dawn of a new era in Eldar history, or to be a futile effort crushed by the enemies of the Eldar.

This map is designed for up to 6 players.  It is suitable for team-play or for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  Although scripted to include at least one Eldar force, the map is suitable for any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is enormous, 1024 x 1024 in size, so it may take a long time to load.  It is designed to use any combination of victory objectives desired.  The map contains a total of 3 critical locations, 6 slag deposits, 6 relics, and 48 strategic points.

Download "Eldar Maidenworld"  version 1.0 (File size: 4.95MB) posted January 12, 2019


Eldar Guardian

of the Il'Chi Craftworld






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