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Vodkagrad is an Imperial city located on the planet of Rostov.  The city is famed for its breweries and for the production of stim, an expensive drug used to enhance the combat skills of Imperial troops.  The climate of Rostov is temperate, cycling regularly between winter snows and summer heat, but the ecosystem is delicately balanced within the orbit of twin suns.  This spring, the weather patterns across the planet shifted, resulting in torrential rainfall on Vodkagrad.  The downpour was unlike any ever known before in the 2300 years of the city’s history.  The Red Guard was assigned the task of erecting a wall of sandbags along the banks of the Bolshoy River to help contain the waters, but the incessant undulating rainfall caused flooding in much of the city despite all counter-measures.  Amid the chaos of the deluge, the enemies of the Imperium decided to invade Vodkagrad.

Note:  when a building is flooded, the positive cover modifier for the building and the negative cover modifier for deep water will negate each other.  Similarly, when a crater is filled with water, the positive cover modifier for the crater and the negative cover modifier for the shallow water will nullify each other.

This map is designed for up to 4 players.  It is suitable for team-play or for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  Although scripted to include at least one Imperial army, the map is designed so that you can use any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size.  The map contains no critical locations, so it cannot be played with the “take and hold” victory objective; however, any combination of other victory objectives desired can be employed.  The map contains a total of 4 relics, 4 slag deposits, and 28 strategic points.

Download "Deluge"  version 1.0 (File size: 2.27MB) posted December 24, 2016


Red Guard regiment

of the

Imperial Guard






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