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The planet of Khotan III is strategically located at the center of a star cluster, where it has become the hub of commerce.  As such, it is envied by every culture within the star sector.  Khotan III is a temperate planet with various climatic regions scattered across its four major continents.  The northern continent is virtually divided in half by a mountain range known as the Zhen Mountains.  The mighty Qui River flows through the center of the Zhen Mountains.  The small town of Su Thai is nestled on the high plains at a narrow pass between the mountains.  To traverse the Zhen Mountains, it is necessary to pass over the bridge at Qui River, located within Su Thai; hence, the bridge and the town are a vital link between the eastern and western seaboards of the northern continent.  The Imperial Guard has recently been driven out of Su Thai by an invading army.  It is now winter on the high plains, and you must seize control of the region.

This map is designed for up to 4 players.  It is suitable for team-play or for a free-for-all battle against live opponents.  It is also suitable for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  It is designed so that you can use any combination of victory objectives desired, and any combination of armies you prefer.  The map is large, 512 x 512 in size, but much of the area is impassable due to the river and mountains that split the map in half.  The map contains a total of 28 strategic points, 4 relics, 4 slag deposits, and 1 critical location.

Download "Bridge at Qui River"  version 1.5 (File size: 1.98MB) posted July 17, 2016


Ghost Legion chapter

of the Imperial

Space Marines






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