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Special Scenarios






Like most armies, the Imperial Guard frequently plays wargames to maintain proficiency.  The rivalry between units such as the Rebel Guard and the Desert Hawks is legendary.  Every 10 years, these units converge on the holy desert city of Al’ Kadish to wage a mock battle.  Every 100 years, the Vindicare Temple contributes an elite assassin to each side in the battle.  With the introduction of the assassins, the games escalate into a lethal duel to the death.  The winning side receives custody of a revered relic known as the Thunderhammer of Thule.  The relic is housed in a great cathedral in the center of the map.  Dusty roads and parched earth radiate with the heat of the summer sun.  The war-torn buildings that surround the cathedral serve as strategic points on the map.

This map is designed for two players.  It is suitable for play against a live opponent or for a single player to fight against the computer AI.  Although the map can be played with any type of army, it is recommended that both players use Imperial Guard forces.  Any player that uses an Imperial Guard army will start the game with a Vindicare assassin.  The map contains no critical locations, so it cannot be played with the “take and hold” victory objective; however, any combination of other victory objectives desired can be employed.  You may find it interesting to set the victory objectives so that “assassinate” is the only objective.  The map is large in size, measuring 512 x 256.  The map contains a total of 12 strategic points, 2 slag deposits, and 1 relic.

Download "Assassin's Duel"  version 1.5 (File size: 1.16MB) posted July 17, 2016


Desert Hawks

regiment of the

Imperial Guard






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